Dorakmice operates under Dorak Tourism that is active in the tourism sector since 48 years and leading the development of the sector with innovative investments.

Our business units - Special Meetings, Congress Management, and Creative Agency – are organized to provide you the most efficient and effective solutions in terms of Motivational Organizations, Social Gatherings, Corporate Events, Social Responsibility Activities, Anniversaries, and other corporate organizations. We combine the project management expertise of our team with a visionary and target-driven work approach in order to provide you active, creative and result-oriented solutions.

We follow the global developments closely to keep up with the technological and organizational trends in order to improve the quality and efficiency of our organizations.

Dorak Mice is a Dorak Holding subsidiary.


Any time you look forward to meet with your business associates, social groups, organize press conferences or present your new products, we are ready to provide you the best solution that fits in your needs.

  • Press Conferences
  • Sales Channel Seminars
  • Trainings
  • Road Shows
  • Internal Business Days
  • Product & Service Announcements
  • Motivational Workshops

If you need to organize an internal gathering to improve team-members’ motivation or provide trainings in an unusual environment, we are ready to offer you the most creative alternatives. Let us know the dates and we will present you with exciting programs.

  • International Incentive Tours
  • Company Meetings Abroad
  • Incoming
  • Outgoing

Organizing seminars or congresses requires a lot of effort and expertise, no matter if it addresses a local or an international community. We can turn such organizations into a success as well as a pleasant occasion. Let us know the number of attendees and we will provide you all our means and expertise to help you get the expected result.

  • Symposiums
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • National Congresses
  • International Congresses

A company event should represent your vision! We are well-aware of your needs, as we co-organize many such events with you since years. We are ready to develop the solutions that fit your requirements.

  • Openings
  • Awards
  • Anniversaries
  • Corporate Outdoor Events
  • Sport Activities
  • Festivals and Concerts
  • Special Gatherings
  • Social Responsibility Activities


  • Selçuk İşçimen

    General Manager

  • Bezat Metin

    Operations Manager

  • Guney Berat Celikbag

    Reservation Manager

  • Selcan Pınar Yılmaz

    Hotel Contract Manager

  • Dilara Ataoğlu

    Hotel Contract Specialist

  • Ebru Hacıoğlu

    Project manager

  • Seta Çalıkyan

    Sales Manager Ticketing

  • Kerem Özacar

    Project Manager

  • Ersin Doğu Aslan

    Creative Director

  • Emrah Vurkun

    Graphic Designer

  • Ahmet Tumba

    Sr. Copywriter

  • Eda Dölarslan

    Project Manager

  • Suat Çelen

    Accounting Manager


  • Selçuk İşçimen

    General Manager

  • Mustafa İpek

    Ankara Regional Director

  • Suat Çelen

    Accounting Manager


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A: 19 Mayıs Mah. Büyükdere Cad. No:20 Beytem Plaza Kat:1/1 Şişli/İstanbul / TURKEY
T:+90 212 219 19 37
F: +90 212 234 79 60


A: Uğur Mumcu Cad. Kuleli Sok. No: 40 Gaziosmanpaşa / Çankaya / Ankara
T: +90 312 446 57 23
F: +90 312 446 57 99

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